About V4 Group

Origins of the V4 group trace back to medievel times, specifically to meeting of Jan Lucemburský, king of Bohemia, I. Károly, king of Hungary, and Kazimierz III. Wielki, king of Poland, in Visegrad castle in 1335. The meeting was recreated in 1991 between leaders of Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland, and the Visegrad Group, a pact for advancing military, economic and cultural cooperation, as well as European integration, since all member states joined European Union in 2004, was born.

As Czechoslovakia dissolved into Czech Republic and Slovakia, the number of member states has risen from three to four, and Visegrad group became V4 we know today. Nowdays, the V4 Group has more than 64 milion inhabitants in total, 36 medical schools and, if counted as one country, 12th strongest economy in the world.